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Read our Terms and  Conditions carefully. After you accept the final quotation we will send you a booking form. You can finalize your booking by signing this document.  Please check that all information provided is correct, and that all names exactly match those in your passports. If there are any mistakes, it is your responsibility to let us know right away.

After receiving the completed booking form, will make all the necessary reservations on your behalf. Should certain excursions or hotels no longer be available, you will receive an alternate proposal. Additional costs may apply.

Your booking can be cancelled free of charge within 24 hours of submitting the form, if it is booked at least eight weeks prior to departure. If less than eight weeks or after this 24 hour period, your booking will become definitive and if you want to change something its possible that there will be extra charge.

We will send you an invoice within seven working days of submitting the booking form.  I addition, you will receive your travel documents from us by email. Vouchers for transportation, activities and guides are usually handed over on your arrival day.


Payment conditions

To confirm your reservation a payment of 30% of the total fare must be paid, you will receive the payment link or invoice via email. The total fare should be completed at least 30 days before the departure. Should the trip be booked less than 30 days before the departure, the total fare must be paid at once in full. Payment amount is calculated according to the current exchange rate. The amount will be valid for the next 14 days. Should the payment not be completed within that period, a new payment amount will be calculated.

*Price changes. Should the exchange rate fluctuate with a 5% or higher amount before the payment is completed, the travel agency retains the right to recalculate the amount.


Cancellation Policy

Your cancellations must be indicated in written form to the travel agency. The cancellation fee varies depending on how many days before the departure it was issued:

  • More than 30 days prior travel departure: 15% of the total fare
  • Between 30 and 22 days prior travel departure: 25% of the total fare
  • Between 21 and 8 days prior travel departure: 50% of the total fare
  • Between 7 and 3 days prior travel departure: 75% of the total fare
  • Less than 3 days prior the departure or after the date of departure: 100% of the total fare

If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives negative travel advice, which in turn results in the traveler cancelling the trip, the travel agency will do everything they can to reduce the cancellation fee.


Accountability Travelers

The responsibility lies with the traveler to have a valid passport, visa, vaccinations and preventive medicine during the travel period, as required by the authorities of the visited countries. The information of those related subjects, to the best of our knowledge, are given by the Cambodian travel and is delivered as non-binding advice, therefore, you cannot derive any rights. Traveler retains his right to transfer the travel agreement to another traveler according to section L. 211-11. The traveler is required to report any negative performance during the travel or stay as soon as possible according to II of section L.11-16. Complaints need to be reported either written or by telephone to the Cambodian Travel Partner.


Accountability Travel Agency

Cambodian Travel Partner, and service performers (tours, excursions, accommodations, restaurants, meals, transport) cannot be held responsible for accidents, injury, loss, damage, delays, or any discomfort that may occur such as defects or actions caused by the government or other civil authorities (war, mayhem, strikes, etc.), or other reasons beyond the control of Cambodian Travel Partner. Cambodian Travel Partner are not liable for any loss or additional costs in the occurrence of delays or time changes in planning or other causes. Cambodian Travel Partner and their service providers retain their right to cancel or alter any trip in accordance to the legislation. Flights and hotels will only be confirmed after the payment has been completed. If the services aren’t available anymore, the planned services will be replaced with equivalent ones.  Cambodian Travel Partner are responsible for the performance of the travel services that are included in the quote in accordance to section L. 211-16 and are required to aid the traveler when he encounters difficulties according to section L. 211-17-1. The financial guarantee is Ministry of Tourism Cambodia in Phnom Penh.


Security of Personal Information

Cambodian Travel Partner will do their best to protect your personal information. The personal information you provide will be used according to this policy. With the assistance of physical and electronic measures we will keep your information safe. Transfer of data via the internet or a data storage environment, however, cannot be 100% guaranteed. An absolute guarantee of the security of your personal information can, therefore, not be given. Cambodian Travel Partner are not liable for instances that follow unauthorized breaches of personal information. We, Cambodian Travel Partner, are counting on you to report abnormal occurrences that may indicate breach of security. We collect your information to deliver the information that was asked for, to send messages via email, to analyse the demographic information of our clients, and to be able to contact you for a quality control test later.

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